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13 min readMay 16, 2022


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Announcing a16z Crypto Research

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Industrial research labs have played a critical role in pioneering much of modern technology:

  • In the last decade, crypto and web3 have matured into an independent field of knowledge that brings together elements of computer science, economics, finance, and the humanities.
  • With the advent of Ethereum and other blockchains that are fully programmable, web3 has unlocked an extremely rich design space for innovation.
  • There is an opportunity for an industrial research lab to help bridge the worlds of academic theory with industry practice.

The People:

  • The most important element of any successful research lab is the people.
  • When building a16z crypto research lab, you need to find a brilliant researcher, communicator, and educator who can also assemble and lead a world-class team.
  • You also need to be aligned with the mission of advancing the science and technology at the core of crypto and Web3.
  • Only two people in the world bring together all these attributes
  • Tim Roughgarden, a researcher and computer science professor at Stanford and Columbia, has led the development of Algorithmic Game Theory, a field that brings together ideas from Computer Science and Economics to solve real-world computing problems.
  • Dan Boneh, a professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University, wrote the definitive textbook on applied cryptography, and is also a renowned educator and entrepreneur.
  • Under Tim’s leadership, they’re bringing onboard a multidisciplinary, all-star founding team of Research Partners.



Jonathan Kogan

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